Since high school, I have been an avid fan of performing arts. I love the raw, authentic energy I get from a live stage production. It gives me this warm, charming feeling as if the story in my head is being reenacted right before my eyes. Every little nuance and visual image of a play truly makes my face light up.

This year, I was able to attend three fantastic productions, courtesy of the Fox and Alliance Theater.


2017 is almost over. Christmas came and went, resolutions are being written and the #newyearnewme posts are coming our way in 3..2..1. This time of reflection and recollection is in high-gear and I'm here for it. Personally, I have experienced many changes this year, but there's nothing that I regret - it's all working together for my good. No looking back.

Before I get on my new year, new me kick - please grant me the opportunity to reflect on how awesome my 2017 was. I've literally put off writing for an entire year (judge me not), so I decided to gather a few snapshots of my sweet memories.


If you were to browse through my camera roll, you'd definitely come across several pictures as such. For the past two months, I've found myself sporadically rummaging for my phone anytime that I noticed a golden or amber-hued tree. The climax of Fall (post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas is always the most aesthetically capturing to me. It makes my morning drive to work or my Saturday afternoon errands so much more enjoyable. Seeing the same trees that are normally green and thriving appear vibrant, yet diminishing reminds me of my favorite season.

Autumn, or more traditionally, Fall is the season of Ugg boots, hayrides, crunching leaves, and pumpkin-spice pandemonium. Although I appreciate all of those entities, the most valuable little gem that I take from Fall is what it naturally promotes before our eyes - change.