2017 is almost over. Christmas came and went, resolutions are being written and the #newyearnewme posts are coming our way in 3..2..1. This time of reflection and recollection is in high-gear and I'm here for it. Personally, I have experienced many changes this year, but there's nothing that I regret - it's all working together for my good. No looking back.

Before I get on my new year, new me kick - please grant me the opportunity to reflect on how awesome my 2017 was. I've literally put off writing for an entire year (judge me not), so I decided to gather a few snapshots of my sweet memories.


I love music. From a young age, music has been something that I naturally gravitated towards. Every Saturday morning, my mother would wake us all up to the smell of Pine-Sol, with the vacuum bumping against our doors and her favorite CD rotation of Zhané, Fred Hammond and Mint Condition. As annoying as that was back then, I have adopted that same concept in my adulthood and made music a part of my everyday life. Simple tasks such as cleaning the house, working and even showering usually require some music accenting the background.

And while listening to music intimately is great, there is nothing like a live performance. Being able to see your favorite artists that you normally vibe out to in your car in person is such an amazing experience. The lights, the live percussion, string, and horns - followed by the eagerly anticipated stage arrival of your favorite musician(s) that evokes goosebumps and hysterical screaming... {insert sigh}...It's pure magic.

This year, I was able to encounter the aforementioned a few times this year and each time was better than the last. Here's the rundown:


I was lucky to have caught The Internet (band) twice this year. They finally returned to Atlanta right before my birthday in March and also performed at the Project Pabst Festival this October. Since their debut, their fame skyrocketed, as they have tremendously grown as artists.

We got a real treat at both concerts; they continued to grace us as a collective, yet each member ventured into impressive solo performances. They had so much to give from each member that they didn't even need an opening act. 

We were able to hear our favorite Ego Death classics as well as the newest bangers from Matt Martians, Steve Lacy, and of course Syd. Much love to The Internet, I'll probably find my way to their next show in Atlanta.


If you don't know how I feel about Brandy Rayana Norwood, we are not friends. I've been a huge fan of her music since I was a toothless seven-year-old. For a while, she stopped touring to focus on her role as Roxie Hart in the Broadway musical, Chicago. So in the meantime, I had to settle for old YouTube videos and Spotify playlists to hold me over.

When she finally announced some tour dates this year, I was overwhelmed with thirstiness. So much so, I was literally about to book a flight to LA, just to see her perform at The Novo. Unfortunately, my plans fell through - BUT, a few weeks later I was notified that she was having a show in May at The Fillmore Charlotte (thank you Songkick!).

Charlotte is a quick three and a half hour drive from Atlanta, so needless to say, my mind was made up. I purchased my ticket, booked a hotel and rounded up a few friends to join me.

This was one of the best spur of the moment, moments I've ever had. As soon as Brandy hit the stage, I was starstruck, for the first time in my life!

Words literally wouldn't do justice to how dynamic of a performer this woman is - she is the vocal G.O.A.T. (let's argue!) and that experience was one that I'll always remember vividly in my head. By the end of the show, I was edgeless and disoriented. I love me some, Brandy!


Some of you may not know much about Xavier Omar. I happened to discover him when he popped up as a song suggestion on Spotify. Pleased by what I was hearing, I actively kept a song or two of his in my shuffle of everyday faves, but honestly, I didn't engage with his artistry like I have with other up and comers.

Then earlier this month, a sweet friend of mine sent me a text offering tickets to his show at The Loft in Atlanta. She was under the weather and didn't want the tickets to go to waste. It's not every day that you get offered a pair of free concert tix - so obviously, I happily accepted them. Boy am I glad I did! The entire show was life-giving. His voice and energy could not be ignored, Mr. "XO" made himself a household name to me and I feel lucky to have had that moment. Thanks, Disa!

I got to see some great concerts this year. I'm so excited about my concert lineup recap. Somebody tell Anderson. Paak to come to Atlanta. Oh and Jhene Aiko, you play too much!

Thanks for reading ✌❤,

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