Since high school, I have been an avid fan of performing arts. I love the raw, authentic energy I get from a live stage production. It gives me this warm, charming feeling as if the story in my head is being reenacted right before my eyes. Every little nuance and visual image of a play truly makes my face light up.

This year, I was able to attend three fantastic productions, courtesy of the Fox and Alliance Theater.


As an aunt of five, I have to get creative with activities for my nieces and nephew. After a while, Chuck E Cheese and Dave N' Buster's gets to be too much on my psyche, as well as my pockets. So, this summer was the summer of trying new things with Titi Lulu.

One day, I just happened to be waiting for my food at Johnny's Pizza and noticed a flyer for The Alliance Theater's production of The Dancing Granny. The title alone made my eyes perk, so I looked it up online.

The play is based on a famous children's book by Ashley Bryan. The story is an old, African folklore about a grandmother in her garden and her mishaps with a mischevious spider. It was the perfect activity for the kiddies - and the tickets were only eight bucks, might I add! The vibrant colors, singing, dancing and endless percussion was a lovely sight to see. It also kept the kids engaged and quiet for an hour. (just an hour).


Since this play made its Broadway debut in 2005, I have been extremely eager to see it. Twelve years had gone by with star-studded cast members including Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, and Danielle Brooks.

Whenever the tour would come to Atlanta, something always hindered me from being able to go. So, this time around, I was determined to attend even if I went alone.

Thankfully, I didn't have to fly solo. I and a friend met at The Fox Theater and had a splendid time. The play was beautiful - I loved the fact that the musical didn't deter from, the movie but they were able to add a little pizazz to the character development. In the end, I was very impressed, bravo to The Color Purple.


Confession: this is my fifth time seeing this play. In high school, my chorus teacher, Mrs. DeMenna would faithfully take us to see this Charles Dickens classic every year. After seeing The Dancing Granny over the summer, I told my nephew about A Christmas Carol and he practically begged me to take him to see it. I was happy with Amir's sudden interest in theater, so when tickets went on sale, I got us front row seats. Since I had last seen the play, circa 2005, they had made some minor changes, but eh experience was just as incredible. We wore our finest, sipped on champagne and hot chocolate, and enjoyed our evening at the theater.

I plan to see many more theater productions next year. I already have The Lion King and A Midsummer Night's Dream on my must-see list!

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