Pictured above is a méihuā (mei - hua) - which is commonly known as a Plum Blossom. The tree originated in China and is known to produce beautiful, white and blush-hued flowers along with sweet, plum fruit that ripens upon the arrival of spring. In Asian culture, the Plum Blossom Tree is cherished for its vibrant colors, rich fragrance, and ethereal presentation - but its true significance is way more beloved than the fruit it may bear.


Happy Wednesday!

Today is not just an average Wednesday, today is my sister's birthday! Not just any birthday either, today marks 40 years of life for Naresh Hasana [Nuh-resh Ha-sah-nuh].

I've always loved the uniqueness behind my sister's name. I'm not quite sure if my mom already had a name nice and polished for her arrival, but post-delivery (and spur of the moment) - my mother decided to name my sister after the female Obstetrician that birthed her.

The name Naresh is of Hindu origin (and traditionally a male name) which means, "King of Kings".
How awesome is it to be affirmed royalty every day? Nice call, mommy!


About 15 years ago, we were introduced to social media. Simply put, social media is a series of online platforms used to connect you with a community of users, to share information in a public forum. It started with Friendster, then Myspace and lo and behold, the avantgarde of the social media wave - Facebook. Since then, the momentum of social networking has become a force to be reckoned with. At this moment, there are 91.6 billion social media users out there. Evidently, the relevancy that it displays in our world is unquestionable. I mean, the President of the United States has the time to actually engage in numerous Twitter rants throughout the day, on top of running the country - social media is kind of a big deal.

Since its debut, the rise of social media has come to be favorable for many reasons - it gives us all a voice, it spreads awareness about social issues, current events are presented at the speed of light and it's a genius marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs.


Over time, social media has come to be more unhealthy than helpful to our quality of life. I know that mindlessly scrolling through your timeline periodically seems quite harmless, but it can slowly chip away at our behaviorism and mental health. I, personally engage in social media casually, as I enjoy connecting with my friends and family. But as of late, it's gotten to be a little too heavy for me (I'll tell you why.)


I love Atlanta, it's been my home for nearly 25 years. Since 1993, the city I love has majorly progressed and is now known to be the "Hollywood of the South" (stop moving here, we full). As much as I love the ATL, occasionally I like to venture out and explore other what other cities have to offer. This past year, I was able to acquainted with new places as well as revisit some of my favorites. Here's a rundown of a few: