Happy Wednesday!

Today is not just an average Wednesday, today is my sister's birthday! Not just any birthday either, today marks 40 years of life for Naresh Hasana [Nuh-resh Ha-sah-nuh].

I've always loved the uniqueness behind my sister's name. I'm not quite sure if my mom already had a name nice and polished for her arrival, but post-delivery (and spur of the moment) - my mother decided to name my sister after the female Obstetrician that birthed her.

The name Naresh is of Hindu origin (and traditionally a male name) which means, "King of Kings".
How awesome is it to be affirmed royalty every day? Nice call, mommy!

This past weekend, in celebration of "King Reshie", we came together to toast over one of our favorite beverages - wine! We bundled up on that nippy, Saturday afternoon and headed north to Chateau Elan Winery and Resort in Braselton, GA.

From the time that we drove through the gates of the winery, we lit up with excitement. The sun-kissed, French-inspired vineyard was absolutely beautiful.

When we walked in, the Cellar Door was filled with wine connoisseurs conversing over their glasses of vino. The free tour started at 2:30 PM, so we had a good hour to spare. We decided to kill the time by starting on our wine flights. The flight we selected consisted of eight assortments of sweets, whites, and reds. The pairing of our wines with gourmet cheeses, meats, nuts, and jam was perfect (especially since we missed breakfast).

When the tour began, we were all escorted to the wine production room, where they press, ferment and store their wines. Since it's mid-January, the weather didn't grant us the opportunity to walk through the vineyard - but our descriptive tour guide taught us all that we needed to know about the grape growing and fermentation process.

He then educated us on the origin, alcohol content and health benefits of many popular wines. Our guide also let us in on a secret behind the fizzle of Prosecco. In the 19th century, an Italian chemist by the name of Antonio Carpenè accidentally fermented his white wine twice, which caused the bubbly effect that we all know and love. Thankfully, Mr. Carpenè decided to stick with this bubbly concoction because I love a good Prosecco Bellini with my brunch!

By the time the tour was over, we were on glass number six (I think). As you could imagine, we were feeling nice and lovely. So we sipped, giggled, swirled and twirled until the golden sun bid us farewell. Chateau Elan was definitely a fit for "King Reshie"

By the looks of it, I think know she thoroughly enjoyed herself. Happy Birthday, Sis! Cheers to Forty Years!



  1. Lu this was fabulous! I enjoyed the entire story...especially that fool shaking n stirring her! I love you guys and have always loved the bind you share. My Beffie did good. Love u guys and happy birthday to one of my best girlfriends ever...King Reshie!

  2. That was suppose to say "bond you share."

  3. Awww, happy birthday, Resh! I had no idea that's what her name meant - how cool?! I'm definitely tagging along for the next wine tasting. ;)

    1. LOL I'll keep you posted, we MUST go back to Chateau Elan during springtime!