I love Atlanta, it's been my home for nearly 25 years. Since 1993, the city I love has majorly progressed and is now known to be the "Hollywood of the South" (stop moving here, we full). As much as I love the ATL, occasionally I like to venture out and explore other what other cities have to offer. This past year, I was able to acquainted with new places as well as revisit some of my favorites. Here's a rundown of a few:


Listen. There is no place like New Orleans, Louisiana. I could literally visit NOLA once a year with no complaints. The city itself has such a rich, cultural allure; the history, the Cajun and Creole cuisine and the French-infused drawl that every local blesses you with is everything!

I've been to New Orleans a few time and decided to return for the celebration of my 30th birthday. So, I planned a girls trip with my sisters and closest friends. As you can imagine, hosting a trip for a group of eight women was definitely a challenge, but nonetheless, Lu's Big Easy 30 was a success.

To sum it all up, my trips to NOLA was filled with bar-hopping in the French Quarter. Soul-touching live music. Coffee, and beignets at Cafe Du Monde. Bike rides to Melba's for crawfish and daiquiris. Swanky dinners, Jackson Square Park. Hurricanes at ten in the morning. Brunch. Piling in the same bed. Po Boys. Photo-ops and lots of laughter in between.

Looking back at the first (and only) girl's trip that I will ever have, there was no better choice than New Awlins, behhbeh!


This July, my niece and I collaborated on a last-minute beach trip. We gassed up the car, put on some Lauryn Hill and made our way down I-16 towards Savannah.

We spent the first day on Tybee Island, one of Georgia's most popular beaches. After hours of beach bumming, we showered up, had dinner on River Street and enjoyed historic Savannah night-life.

The next morning, we grabbed breakfast at a local favorite, then headed back north toward Atlanta. But we still had time to make a pit-stop in Hilton Head Island, SC, so we took the detour and stole a few hours of beach time before our departure home.

All in all, we had a great daycation - there was just enough time to soak up plenty of sunshine, savor some delicious seafood and delight in the ocean waters. Twas' a good time.


California has been on my to-visit list for some time, but I was always slightly passive about it. The small-town girl in me was a bit overwhelmed about visiting a city that's literally on the opposite side of the country. Not to mention, hotels in LA are very pricey and I'm all about preserving thine coins.

In May, over Memorial Day weekend, I connected with a good friend of mine who lives in the LA area. As we caught up and chit-chatted over Irish Mule's, he extended an indefinite invitation for me to visit whenever I was ready. I casually accepted, but never thought to take action anytime soon, until soon turned into sooner than later. At that moment, I was determined to make that trip happen - and I did.

I fell in love with California from the moment my flight landed. It's such a big, beautiful place with so much to see and do. My friend lives in a quiet neighborhood in Inglewood, which happens to be right around the corner from Randy's Doughnuts, Roscoe's and The Dunes apartment complex where HBO's Insecure is filmed. For the entire three days of my trip, I was a shameless tourist and snapped pictures of nearly everything- but not so much to where I didn't take in the many joyous moments of my Californication. I'm an east-coast girl to heart, but I now understand why they say the west coast is the best coast. I will be back!


As I look back at my travel ventures of 2017, it only makes me more excited to travel come 2018. Cheers to the New Year!

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