For the past week, I've been trying to meet my personal blog quota for March. It's been tough y'all. I've spent countless days, chin in hand, overthinking my next topic. Blank-faced with my fingers on the home row, I could not find a topic to tickle my creative fancy for the life of me.

So, I had this bright idea to look through my phone's camera roll for a "muse" - and pictured above, is the best I could come up with.

You're probably wondering why my nightstand is hosting both coffee and wine (simultaneously). At this point, it wouldn't make sense - but it will come together in due time (deflection at it's best) 

Anyway. I find myself to be an extremely deep thinker, sometimes to a fault - so I feel like it behooves me to vocalize the meandering of my mind. Most of my posts normally come from something -  a random thought, a charming conversation or a song that permeated strong vibes within. But this week had me feeling like my writing well had dried up. Very seldom do I have nothing to write about, very seldom do I, Laura Renee have nothing to say - so this was a telltale sign that I needed to fine-tune the art of my freestyle writing.

If you wait for inspiration to write, you're not a writer, you're a waiter. 

I've recently discovered that "writer's block" does not exist. Fear exist, laziness exist, overthinking exist and any other excuse we may use to divert us from telling great stories. I've also realized that there's no special ingredient to finding your "aha" moment when you're stumped on what you should write about. But, there is a way (for me at least) to get those creative juices flowing. My two favorite beverages - coffee and wine.

Write with wine, edit with coffee. 

At times, you have to rid yourself of your daily distractions and quiet your mind. Sometimes, that can be done by indulging in whatever gives you the liberty to overcome the overthinking, doubt and dormancy. And for me, it's a sip of the good stuff - hence my header photo. This isn't everybody's truth, but I can attest to becoming more artistically fluid with a little java or my favorite red-blend in my system - I guess you can call them my muse :)

When I started to write this post, I literally had no idea how I was going to gather this topic, but I was up for the challenge

**raises glass**

The main reason I created this blog was to write. I don't get paid to write, I haven't taken any formative writing classes and I don't have thousands of subscribers - but I'm perfectly okay with that. I dare not despise humble beginnings. I'm happy to have the opportunity to consistently write (even if I'm writing about writing). It's such a treat to embark on life's journey with such a great way to document it. When I'm old and gray, I want to look back at and smile proudly at my former self for unapologetically uttering the sweet nothings of her heart.

To all my fellow aspiring writers out there, write now, think later. And if you're still having trouble, take your time, drink some wine! It'll come to you ;)

What I try to do is write. I may write for two weeks, 'the cat sat on the mat, this is that, not a rat.' And it might be just the most boring and awful stuff. But I try. When I'm writing, I write. And then it's as if the muse is convinced that I'm serious and says 'Okay. Okay. I'll come.' -Maya Angelou

Thanks for hanging in there with me, friends!


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