Nine days ago, my favorite day of the year came - my birthday! Normally, I would bask in zealous anticipation of March 5th with set plans, outfits and birthday hashtags - but this year was a little different for me.

Perhaps it was because I already reached the milestones of 21, 25 and 30, so 31 wasn't as exhilarating this go round. On top of that, I was moving, facing a deadline-driven project at work, dealing with my convenient monthly visitor and trying not to lose my mind at the same time. Responsibilities (and hormones) definitely had my birthday taking a backseat.

After the big 3-0, birthdays can start to feel less special than the aforementioned years. We tend to esteem 30 as the be-all-end-all and disregard the coming years, as if life doesn't get any better after that. I mean, your metabolism slows down, your age bracket jumps notches down and "adulting" is no longer a budding joke but a real-life situation. But who's to say that all good things (or times) are behind you?

I can understand that the circumstances of life make getting older less appealing, but we shouldn't lose sight of the beauty of mere existence. Regardless of age, being alive should be the ultimate reason for celebration and all of the hoopla that comes along with it.

This year, I had to remind myself that every birthday matters. Out of 365 days, this day was made just for me. 31 wasn't as exciting or eventful as 30, but it was just as cherished and memorable.

Thirty-One was:

Hearty laughter over tapas and wine flights
Satisfied crab cravings
Sweet phone calls from the ones I love
Shots and shenanigans in East Atlanta
Twerk classes and sore knees
Home-cooked meals
...and so much more! (happy scrolling)

I had an awesome birthday this year. Hello, Thirty-One!

Thanks for reading! 



  1. omg i need a video of your twerking skillz 👀

    1. Girl, I thought I knew what I was doing until our instructor "CherryCoco" got me together LOL!!! Twerking is a skill!