Heeey. It's been awhile. I would love to offer my "Happy May" salutations, but since I've failed to document my happenings for the past month, I feel like I owe dear April an apology.

For most of the month, I've found myself in seclusion, and it's not just because of the April showers. As of late, life has been coming at me fast and forcing me to run for cover like an unexpected thunderstorm.

Over the course of this drizzly season, I've had a lot on my plate. Let's see, I had to make some major adult decisions, secure travel plans, work overtime, execute my budget, sell my beloved Honda Civic and unexpectedly buy a new car. Having to make sense of so many things in a short amount of time has been overwhelming to say the least - but in the words of Sojourner Truth, "Ain't I a Woman?"

Personally, when a lot is happening in my life, I consciously isolate myself. My social media presence dwindles, the TV gets turned off, the chatter stops - unfortunately, even blogging stops. All in effort to take a step back, lull my mind and preserve my energy.

Destressing and decompressing has been my main priority all month - but when I had to expose myself to the outside world, I consumed many moments of joy. Such as:

Easy-Breezy, Easter Sundaze on the patio.

Blush wine before a bath.
Fancy candles.
Homemade pasta and cornbread muffins.
Banana splits from Sarah Jean's
The "new car" scent.
Girl's Trips to Helen.
Wine-induced comas.
Spring Weddings.
Blissful zone-outs and
Monumental views.

Although I faced some challenges this last month, twas a good month nevertheless. The April showers definitely brought May flowers. My bad, April, you've been good to me ;).

Thanks for reading!