Since before I could remember, I've always been intrigued by the water. As a mere toddler, I once had enough fearlessness to dive into the deep end of a pool - without having any prior, formal swimming lessons. By the time my mother realized that the little girl in the deep end was me, I had already figured out a way to kick my little legs and paddle to the other side. Thankfully, my inner-Pisces and instincts from the womb saved my life!

To this day, I hold that same fascination with the water - and nothing makes me happier or more at peace than the beach. Just the sight of sun-kissed, blue and emerald waves speaks to my soul like no other (the feels are real). So for my personal well-being, a little vitamin sea must take precedence every year.

Living in a state like Georgia, the weather changes its mind like a girl changes clothes. I have literally been wearing sweaters up until April, I'm over it. For months, I've been longing for sandy toes, salt-water scents and ocean breezes - and I got my wish earlier than I expected.

Come May, we finally had a break in the weather and coincidentally, my dad was graced with a celebratory vacation, after he had closed a major deal at work (Go, dad!). Not only that, a client of his let him stay in his 8th-floor condo, overlooking the shores of Destin, FL for a week. I had just come back from a 4-day trip to D.C., so I was unsure if I would have the leeway to tag along...but, God...

By early, Friday morning I was headed down I-85 towards Destin with the biggest smile on my face. When the ocean calls, I answer, and it was beautiful!

I returned home with bronzed skin, a sound mind and a full heart. All I'll ever need is the ocean. Destin, you were lovely...

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Destin, FL 32541, USA

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