Today I looked at the calendar and realized that we are smack dab in the middle of 2018. It's officially summertime and it's time to sit back and unwind, yall. While the rest of the year is in-queue, there are still a few things that I'd personally like to scratch off of my list.

Save more money. Change my diet. Find a church home. Discover additional writing ventures. Travel more. Fold my clothes - you know, stuff like that. As I danced around with those thoughts, I couldn't help but recollect the past six months, and all of the events that had transpired. Some good, but some not so good. If I had a multiple-choice option on how to rate my year thus far, I would probably go for the "satisfactory" bubble. Although great things and necessary changes have granted me a few victories - I can't say that I'm overjoyed with the state of my life right now - but why is that?


I promise I'm gonna stop doing this! May said goodbye, June said hello, and July is on the way. I depicted the past month (or so) beautifully but failed to compose it. A girl's been busy. Long story short: