In just a few days, my niece Micah (also known as Jellie) will be headed back home from her fourteen-day visit to Georgia. She lives in Ohio, so I normally only get to see her about twice a year if I'm lucky. Sure, we video chat and text every now and then, but nothing compares to those connections developed through memorable moments. Those moments that light up your face whenever you think about them. The funny stories that no one else would get because they just had to be there. The very moments that make nostalgia so nostalgic. Gratefully, this summer, I got to have those moments with her.

For the past two weeks, those moments and adventures with my niece have been so fulfilling. Getting to strengthen my bond with the most charming, intelligent, artistic, talkative, inquisitive, eight-year-old in the world has been a joy. Although my wallet is empty, my heart is full.  I love you Jellie, see you next summer!

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