I have a hard time making decisions. I don't know if it's my changeable nature or my tendency to regard every pro and con before I come to a conclusion - but it's something that I'm still learning to master. So when it comes to moments of spontaneity, more than likely, I'm the passive participant.

Last weekend, I was enjoying Pinot on the grass with a new friend. We had an open weekend and began flirting with the idea of going to North Georgia to find some outdoor adventures to dive into. Initially, I bubbled up with enthusiasm and began to plan for our day-trip in my head (but I know thine self!). By the time I made it home and got all warm and snuggly in my cocoon of introversion - I had already postponed the trip to the following weekend, put my scarf on and went to bed.

Danielle, on the other hand, was not having it. By nine-something, Sunday morning, I woke up to a series of messages as follows:

I'm up now and ready to go!!!
Let's goooooooooo
Helen, GA 30545, USA


Over the weekend, I got together with two of my best girlfriends. The summer has been eventful and we've all been equally booked and busy. Being three different women, in our thirties, with different careers, responsibilities, (bedtimes) and schedules - it's not so easy to drop everything we're doing, throw on a red-lip and hit the streets with the girls.

Since adulthood is hectic, to say the least, we plan date nights. Yes, date nights. Just as you and your significant other set time aside for each other, to go out and enjoy quality time - that same energy should be invested into your friends.