I remember when I decided to start a blog. At that time in my life, I was glowing up, coming into my own and finding my stride on the voyage to grown-womanhood. Since that was such a pivotal phase in my life, I wanted to capture all of those moments and milestones along the way to becoming unapologetically me. Four years and a couple of revamps later, here we are. Just thriving in the blogosphere!

When it came to picking my blog title, it was actually a lot easier than I had anticipated. I remember jotting down a few cute and catchy name to nab the ears of the audience - but they just weren't sticking, or fitting me the way that I had wished. I was looking for something simple that would embrace who I was - but also serve who I desired to be. And just like that, it came to me - True to Lu.

This has been my "brand" for many years and genuinely, I couldn't have picked a better title. TWL is more than just a name on a site, it has become a way of life. An affirmation, my mantra - and it means everything to me.

If someone were to ask me what it personally means to "True to Lu" - the answers would be never-ending and ever-changing, but here are a few that are paramount:

True to Lu means...


There's nothing like the morning kiss, warm on your face.
The botanic fragrances that whisk in the wind.
The lure of the waters.


Earphones in. Volume up. Vibes on repeat. That has been my mood as of late. My streaming library has been on heavy rotation and I'm happily using every penny of my $9.99 this month. Musically, I've been craving some goodies to add to my queue and in pursuit, I've stumbled upon some delicious ear candy. Here are a few: