Earphones in. Volume up. Vibes on repeat. That has been my mood as of late. My streaming library has been on heavy rotation and I'm happily using every penny of my $9.99 this month. Musically, I've been craving some goodies to add to my queue and in pursuit, I've stumbled upon some delicious ear candy. Here are a few:

Shanti EP - Raveena

One day, I was listening to music and came to the end of one of my playlists. Instead of letting it repeat, I allowed the suggested songs to meander as they wished. I was walking around the house, not really engaged with what was playing in the background - until I heard Raveena flowing through my speakers, like a warm, summer breeze. I abruptly stopped what I was doing, grabbed my phone and looked over her artist page. Intrigued by this Indian beauty, I decided to give a listen to her EP, Shanti. It's sooo good. Every song is amazing - and I mean every song, not one is skip-worthy. Her romantic lyrics matched with her enchanting vocal register will have you hooked. The best way that I can describe her is a beautiful fusion of Yuna and Corinne Bailey Rae, dipped in honey. You're welcome.


Crush EP - Ravyn Lenae

I don't know why this girl hasn't done a full studio album yet. Although her third EP, Crush is a masterpiece and a product of the musical genius, Steve Lacy - it's a tease. I'm always left wanting more. Five songs are not enough! Even so, it stays on repeat. The production is perfect. The tone of the project is fun and budding. The background vocals are wavy. It's just fire:


Hive Mind - The Internet

Do I really need to tell yall about The Internet??? In the event that you're unaware, they are my favorite band. I've been an avid fangirl since the Feel Good album. After seven years in the game, Grammy nods, features, and fruitful solo projects, they have catapulted into superstardom (as I knew they would). This July, they released their fourth studio album, Hive Mind. As always, they never disappoint. To be honest, it doesn't knock as hard as Ego Death, but the simplified, back to basics energy of this album is magnifique. Witnessing how they have all grown as individual artists, as well as a collective keeps me smiling like a proud mama. Get into it, yall:


Honey Dew - LION BABE

Lion Babe has been around for a while. You can find a couple of their bops on my frequented playlists. A few months ago, a new single appeared in my suggestions, titled "Honey Dew". It had me at hello, I absolutely love this song. It contains this retro-jazzy inflection, yet it's still current and catchy - and Jillian's vocal emphasis that just oozes of Erykah Badu is the icing on the cake:


Anderson.Paak - Bubblin

Man, I've been itching for new music from Anderson.Paak for a while. He is my favorite, raspy-voiced, hip-hop-soul, singer/rapper out here. In 2016, I was introduced to his music when he released Malibu - then he followed with Yes Lawd!, an amazing collaborative album with producer, Knxwledge. I was blown away and I've been a fan ever since. I'm not a huge hip-hop-head, but anytime I'm in the mood for a heavy bassline, ish talkin' and high-energy, I can always count on my guy,.Paak. I'm loving the Bubblin single, hopefully, it can hold me over until the next album:


If you're looking for some new music to get into, this will surely be a good start for you. Hit me up with any newfound musical gems of your own :)

Thanks for reading!


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