My last day in Ohio was spent in downtown Cincinnati. I heard about the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center - and I was really interested in going. I also wanted to expose my niece to the many untold stories about history, that she may not have known about.

The exhibits were very taking to the eye and emotion. Bronze statues, paintings and a healthy amount of informative literature adorned the large building. Had we known, we would have packed some sandwiches and made it a field trip. The museum had about four floors full of interactive displays, galleries, documentaries and witnessed accounts from the nameless heroes in black history. We couldn't possibly absorb each and every part in two hours - but what we did encounter was awesome.

We were taken on a journey from the beginning of slavery to the Civil War, the Civil Rights movement and up until present-day slavery around the world. I found it particularly special that we were in Cincinnati, which was a safe-haven for slaves who had migrated from the south. I enjoyed.


After that great experience, we got in the car and took a quick drive over the Ohio River to Newport, Kentucky. The main attraction over there is The Purple People Bridge. Originally, the overpass was a railroad bridge that connected Newport to Cinci - but nowadays, it's solely for pedestrians and sweet river views.

I guess it's not so hard being two places at once, huh? ;)

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Cincinnati, OH, USA

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