Last November, I was in such a bad mental space. I was lowkey sad, angry and processing so many afflicted emotions.

Being so overwhelmed by the troubled waters around me, you couldn't have told me that things would get better anytime soon - but rest assured, there were calmer seas over the horizon.

Time tended to my poor wounds and my wholeness came back full circle. Healing is beautiful.

So here we are, a year later and this November has left me so full - and it isn't just because of the turkey and fixings.

This November was full of...


Happy November, love bugs! Normally I would add this post to my monthly recap - but I just had to make some space to feature one of my favorite comfort foods.

At work this past week, we had our Annual Chili Cook-Off and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. A good bowl of chili has been on my spirit for weeks and I was so excited to finally be able to indulge.

We were given about five chili recipes to sample. Some were bland, some were too spicy, some were meatless - but there was this one batch that spoke to my very soul. It had the perfect blend of meat, beans, and veggies, with just the right amount of spice that didn't overpower the complementary flavors - it was booomb!

Apparently, everyone else's pallet was on the same accord as mine, because that particular recipe ended up winning the contest. Since then, I've been determined to match that exact flavor.

All week, I've been approaching my coworker for bits and pieces of the ingredients, in hopes that I would eventually compound his recipe in all of its splendor. After much consideration, he was kind enough to share his special touches with me, along with the common chili staples.