Happy New Year! I hope yours is starting off with good strides and positive vibes. My last post was a recap of December and since - things have finally begun to slow down. The Holiday dust has settled, I'm caught up on my work and my internal battery is starting to recharge. So now it's time to get back to my dear, blog.

**cracks knuckles**

Foremost, Happy Birthday, True to Lu! A whole year has gone by since I said "adieu" to my raggedy Wordpress site and found a new home at

Whereas year-one was a trial run for T2L, it was a good year, nonetheless. I've been encouraged to grow as a writer, as I now have a meaningful platform to document my growth as a person. Amen to productive outlets!

Furthermore, in the midst of all the noise, I appreciate the fact that this space (my space) has become a retreat for me to simply be who I am - no more, no less :)

With all that said, I want to do better. I've come to the realization that I could be a lot more attentive to my craft. Throughout the day, I get so many mental nudges to entertain my thoughts in the most creative ways. Normally, I'll dance around with ideas in intent to come back to it - but by the time I decide to place my fingers on the home row and get those keys to 'clickety-clack' - the mojo tends to dissipate - and I shove everything to the back of mind.

Which leaves me to binge and slap together those lazy, lackluster monthly recaps, with little words and excessive pictures
 ...and hell, that's what Instagram is for. I know I'm capable of more.

So this year, I am challenging myself to be more attentive to the random epiphanies I get in the shower - or the sporadic urge to open my laptop and characterize my pleasant yet fleeting real-time.

Those little moments that a mere photograph couldn't fully capture.

The gratification I feel from mastering my first batch of black-eyed peas.

 Those cute little brunch dates that make my whole entire day...

For year two of my blog life, I want it to be less about the highlights and more about the in-betweens. The day to day as opposed to the month to month. My journey should be a narrative and not a book report. So here's to a year of shedding more light onto the little things and the joy they bring.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Those black eyed peas look soooooo delicious! This is Kimmington by the way lol! I completely forgot I had attempted to start a blog some years ago lol

    1. Heyyy Kim!! They were so yummy, I have to make some for a Shug Sunday! What happened with your blog?? try again :)