After a full morning of relishing the art of Puerto Vallarta, it was time for us to tap into our own creativity, roll up our sleeves and stroke our brushes fingers against a blank canvas at La Dulce Vista (The Sweet View).

I'd been waiting for this particular leg of the tour all day, so I was ready to take that trip up the mountain. Unbeknownst to me, the ride up the Sierra Madre Mountains was extremely rugged. The narrow, winding pathway on the way up had us all holding on for dear life. 

I can't lie, I was slightly fearful and uncertain if that little white van was capable of making it all the way up that vast mountain - but oh me of little faith. We made it up yonder, in one piece.

As we got off the van, and I caught a glimpse of the breathtaking view overlooking Jalisco, it made our rough voyage well worth the while.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


Our final stop in Mexico was Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco - and the whole entire day was well with my soul. There was such an abundance of art, history, and culture - vivid colors, scenic views - and so many moments of overwhelming bliss.

I'd rather not continue wasting this space with words when I can fill it with color (happy scrolling!):

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico


In continued commemoration of #32Lu, I spent seven days cruising along the Mexican Riviera. A few months ago, Lily, one of my closest friends, a kindred spirit and fellow birthday girl, proposed that we meet up for a friend-trip. I love a girl who's down to travel, so we caught flights to Long Beach, linked up and set sail towards Cabo San Lucas.

We didn't book any excursions for this port, so we opted to wander (and not get lost). As luck would have it, Lily met a man named Angel. He offered to give us a tour of Cabo on his bike caddy, for only thirty-five bucks. 

I took a second to observe him - I noticed a calmness and sense of sincerity behind his eyes, so I went along with it. And if that was not the case, I knew in my heart that between the two of us, he would have caught these hands if we were put in harm's way.

But in the end, my perception was correct, he was a sweetheart.
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico


Happy March, yall. I know that I've been missing in action for the past couple of weeks, but lately, I've been very cognitive and reverent of being all there - relishing every beautiful moment before me and taking the time to soak it all in.

On the 5th, I turned 32, and I feel amazing. Breathing breath is not to be taken lightly, so being able to circle the sun once more was a gift in itself.

Normally on my birthday, I make these ostentatious plans that only end up stressing me out - but this year, less was more. All I wanted, was to be surrounded by love and harmony - in any way, shape or form that God saw fit...and I got that ten-fold.
Atlanta, GA


This month was short & sweet...