As I look back at the past thirty-one days, I had one complaint (damn you, Navient!) - all else was fabulous: my birthday, wanderlust, family & friend time, the brink of Spring and far more!

March started off with a bang...

MARCH 1st:

Literally, a bang!

On March 1st, at midnight, Solange released a new album - that she seemingly had been promoting for months, right under my nose. I must say, it had to grow on me. When I first gave it a listen, I was expecting it to capture me like A Seat At The Table - but when I think about it, it may be unlikely for her to surpass such a masterpiece. Nonetheless, When I Get Home is a fine piece of work and my love for Solo will remain unwavering.

MARCH 8th:

I spent the day in Long Beach, California.
I relieved my jet-lag at a Himalayan Salt Lounge
...and ate everything that wasn't tied down.

It's never a bad time in Cali!

MARCH 13th:

Although I didn't swim, I had the chance to rest my eyes upon the lovely Pacific waters of Mexico.

MARCH 28th:

I finally checked out the Center for Civil and Human Rights. It was a moving experience - especially the Lunch Counter Exhibit. If you are a person of color, or any other minority, I'm positive that you'll truly appreciate this museum - as did I.

Later that evening, I met up with two of my favorite girlfriends for dinner at Twisted Sold Cookhouse & Pours. We could have gone to any restaurant in the city, but we made it a point to go there in continued support of...

"Black skin, black braids
Black waves, black days
Black baes, black things
These are black-owned things"

MARCH 30th:

Minah and Jellie came to visit for Spring Break and we closed out our week with amateur yoga and snacks in the park. My allergies had hell to pay by the end of the day, but the quality time was well-worth the puffy eyes and sneezing that refused to relent.

Later that evening, I went to support my oldest niece, Mecca as she performed at Ladies First - a showcase that featured all-female talent. She looked beautiful, she sounded great. I was the proudest (and loudest) Auntie in the room.


Dear March, keep the change!


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