: a course or series of events that recur regularly and usually lead back to the starting point.

This is life.
It has its way of keeping you humble - and planting your feet to the ground.
Life is a continual rotation of rises and falls.
Between times, it banes you with spells of unfruitfulness and mediocrity.
While other times, the universe blows you a kiss as you make strides in your favor.
You suddenly feel on top of the world - whereas you've taken steps forward.
Only to be knocked three steps back to square one.
Life - this is life.

It's been a while, three months to be exact. As much as I endeavored to capture all of life's moments (in real-time) on this blog - it's not realistic for me. I'm learning that at times, you have to take a step back and process all that life is giving you - and that's where I've been for the second quarter of the year. Working through it.

It's kind of overwhelming to try and pick up where I left off - but I owe it to myself.

April arrived and I was still coasting with the bliss that the former months had bestowed - in hopes that the latter would emulate the past.

I was in a really good (and stable) place - mentally and emotionally. I started going to therapy, I parted ways with my 2nd job to make more room for balance and everything was harmonious.

I was proudly nourishing myself, minding myself and rubbing shea butter over my entire life. Things were great!

...until shifts in the current emerged...(coming to eff up my good vibrations!)

Changes, adversity, quarrels, discomfort, and disappointment began to seep through the cracks and caused me to lose my balance for a short while. But with the help of therapy and emphatic support - I've been able to push past this funk and get back to where I was three months ago. Bruised but not broken.

...and although certain parts of the second quarter were disruptive; the many moments of happiness cleared my path:

I have SO much more to share as I grow and evolve. It feels so good to be back here! Cheers to summer, healing, and happiness. 😊



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