Musically, May was so good to me! Every time I turned around, my Spotify app was going off with album release notifications from a lot of my favorite artists. Notably, Ari Lennox.

I was introduced to Ari Lennox a few years ago. My niece was playing her EP, Pho in the house one day and she's been a frequent since then. Over time, she's released a good deal of singles, but they only made me more anxious. I was over singles - I needed an album...(and a headline tour if she could squeeze it in!)
So March comes and she announced the Shea Butter Baby Tour, not too long after the release of the single - which was really buzzing on the radio. And that was cute and all - but umm, what about that album, sis?! Nonetheless, I got my tickets - given that they were selling like hotcakes.

And as luck would have it, Ari released the Shea Butter Baby album, a week before the tour kicked off - in perfect timing!

The album is everything I wanted and more. I honestly expected a 2.0 version of Pho - but she surpassed my expectations. SBB took me on such a familiar journey. I was able to revisit so many situations that I've faced as a young woman getting to know love, heartbreak, self discovery and relational growing pains. She made us wait for a good reason and did not come to play games.

Ari performed at Center Stage Theater in Atlanta and the show was phenomenal. Her set was intimately designed to look like a beauty supply store with wigs and weaves stocked on the shelves. She came out onto the stage singing "Chicago Boy" (one of my faves) with a bustier, a sleek bun and a full side of attitude. Her stage presence was everything!

Throughout the show she interacted with the audience so well. She touched on her love for natural black hair, sang snippets of Floetry and Beyonce classics and playfully pranked us into thinking that J. Cole was about to hit the stage. It was a great time. Thank you, Queen!


Center Stage Theater - Atlanta, GA

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