This summer, just two weeks after Ari Lennox did what she had to do on her Shea Butter Baby Tour, Lion Babe made a stop in Atlanta to promote their latest album, Cosmic Wind.

Lion Babe is my favorite (maybe only?) R&B, singer-producer duo. If you're not hip to them, give them a listen. They're so dope!

The show was held at Center Stage, a music hall in Midtown Atlanta where I've gone to see a couple of great shows. Nestled inside of this modest building are three different venues, that all vary in size and atmosphere. Depending on who you're going to see, you may find yourself amongst the most intimate congregations or sold-out crowds. I love that place.

Lion Babe headlined at The Loft, which is the more medium-sized space with just enough closeness to catch all the vibes.

We made it about thirty minutes before the show started, so we grabbed a few drinks and managed to find a few pockets of space between people's heads in the General Admission audience. The view wasn't too bad either:

The show started promptly with the Cosmic Wind intro, as Jillian majestically glided onto the stage like the goddess that she truly is. She was stunning!

Unfortunately, most of my snaps were blurry, because Sis gave us a show. She sang and danced across every inch of that little stage like a true performer! Her showmanship was magnetic.

They ended the set with Rockets, one of their most popular hits - and I literally wanted more. I stood there waiting for an encore - until I realized that they did about every song from both albums. So I mosied my tail on to the train station raving about the show and beaming with satisfaction. Much love to Lion Babe, yall did that!

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The Loft - Center Stage Theater

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