August was notably and unexpectedly productive for me - in more ways than one:

My credit score went back up
I met my quota at work (come onn bonus coins!)
I rearranged and reorganized my room.
Got some writing done...
and travel plans have been secured for September!

Amongst other things:

I took another social media respite and I'm not pressed about getting back on anytime soon.

Oh, and speaking of social...I haven't really been. People can be a lot - and ain't no company like your own!

I communicated...a lot, and I'm so proud of that. I've been setting (and maintaining) healthy boundaries, standing up for myself and the sound of my truth has been resonant. If you only knew how much of a struggle it has been for me to slap some sense into my inner people-pleaser and speak my mind, you'd be quite proud of me too. Hashtag, growth! okay?

Mac Ayres FINALLY released his new album and announced an upcoming tour. (!!!). The album did not fail my expectations and I can't wait to see his show come November.

I went to my favorite ice cream shop in Marietta Square for a banana split. It was devoured before I thought to take a pic - but on the walk back to the car, I viewed some stunning art from Chalktoberfest.

I attended a surprise Sip N' Paint for my friend Danielle's birthday. We sipped on Aldi wine as we stroked our canvasses to the sounds of trap music, and cut up all night. Shoutout to Dani, it was a vibe.

And that was August.

Thanks for reading!


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