I've been wanting to visit Chicago for a while. A couple of years ago, I spent a short time in the Midway airport while on a layover from Ohio - and just the sight of Lake Michigan amongst my window seat made me want to go back and explore the city.

I've done a decent amount of traveling this year, but most of the places that I've been were previously frequented. Hence - my discontentment with monotony was on an all-time high. I was yearning for a place that was new and completely unfamiliar to me - and all of the signs were leading to Chi-Town!

So, on a late September morning, Rahyel and I were packed and ready to roll at 7amish - but little did we know, the Midwest fog was not so ready for us. The weather advisory turned our early morning flight into an afternoon departure - which gave us a whole eight hours of time to kill in Atlanta.


After many hours of phone scrolling, people watching and fleeting naps - at last, we were headed northwest to Illinois.

We landed, gathered luggage and caught a Lyft to the hotel. By the time we were good and settled, dusk was approaching and it was time for dinner. We had set reservations for a fancy-schmancy Italian feast in the city, but lethargy got the best of me. So we opted to order pizza, change into our jammies and take in the stunning city views from the 20th floor.

The next day, we awoke refreshed and ready to hit the streets - and here's a rundown of what we did:
Chicago, IL, USA