My oh my, I have been having some serious blogdrawals! Lately, life has been relatively demanding of all my attention, which has left me minimal time to document my happenings.

I've been so consumed with all of the moving pieces of day to day life that my September and October updates have slipped through the cracks. Even so, Sept-ober has been pretty enjoyable. Here's what I was able to capture:

About six months ago my good friend Disa became a mom! A week after she gave birth, I was able to hold sweet Gabriel in my arms for the first time and he has been giving me life ever since. He is gorgeous, my ovaries jump for joy every time I lay eyes on him!

In early September, Disa invited me to Gabriel's Christening at my former church. Due to personal reasons, I haven't been back there for a number of years - and I had some major anxiety about returning. But as I thought about it, I realized that it was not about me at all. So I pulled myself together and showed up with full intent to love and support my dear friend and her family.

As the event occurred, my experience wasn't even as bad as I had (over)thought it to be either. I was greeted with so many hugs, I saw some old faces and had a surprising full-circle moment. A huge weight had lifted off of me - all because of this little bundle of joy. Look at Gabriel impacting his Auntie's life already :)

Raveena and Moonchild came to Atlanta.
The aforementioned artists are up and comers in the neo-soul realm and they both released new albums this year (which were great!) along with tours to follow. I was lucky enough to catch both shows and it was such a vibe! I particularly love these two artists because they defy the cultural lines of the R&B spectrum; and with that comes a beautiful crowd full of different races, ages, and orientations - who simply come together for the love of good music. Best feeling ever!



I started to get out more....the end of the summer was socially draining, to say the least - so I intentionally took a nice step back from anything and anybody that was not serving my serenity. I went into full hermit-mode until I had enough time to recharge and get back to myself. Once I realigned, I felt this sense of balance that I haven't felt in a very long time. It's amazing what a little reclusiveness can do!

Tis all! Much love, Sept-ober!


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  1. omg i had no idea you felt anxious about going back to our old churchy stompy grounds!! thank you so much for pushing through and coming. it meant so much to have you there. ❤️❤️❤️