About a year ago, I discovered this baseball cap-wearing, guitar riffing, musical gem who is Mac Ayres - and I was so enamored by his talent that I had to blog about him!

Mac is easily one of my faves, he's one of those artists that brings back the substance that we need in the R&B world. He seems to capture the many phases of life and love through song - and does it so poetically. As a writer/music lover, I aspire to that level of fluency.

He often pays homage to D'Angelo as one of his heavy musical influences and it shows - as his sound if very soulful, smooth and genuine. He found a way to master feel-good music and I cannot get enough of it.

Check out his discography when you have a chance!

Most recently, he blessed us with album number three, Juicebox, followed by tour announcements. Since becoming a fan, I've been readily anticipating a live show from him - and the stars aligned for me just as I was hoping!

He came to Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points this past November and my tickets were already purchased by presale (I was not playing.). The venue only had standing room, so I made sure to get there early enough to press my way to the front of that sold-out crowd. The view was great, I was close enough to get a snap of his guitar. :)

After the opening act, he and his bandmates walked onto the stage. He wore his signature baseball cap and a UGA Bulldogs t-shirt to let us know that Georgia was on his mind - which was such a nice gesture considering it was his first time in Atlanta.

After introducing himself, he demurely strapped on his guitar, gave his drummer the nod for the 4-count and the show was off to a phenomenal start. I'm not sure if it was the proximity getting to me or what, but I was shamelessly fangirling - and that's a rare occurrence. I've been to a number of concerts in 2019 and Mac Ayres is in my top 3 with no question. I was accompanied by a certified music snob and if he was vibing, I know it was a bomb show.

Mac sang all of our favorites from Drive Slow, Something to Feel and Juicebox - and when I say "sang" I mean SANG - ugly faces and all. He hit every single falsetto, riff and run with zero effort - and I love when an artist sounds better than their studio recording.

In between songs, he explained the inspirations behind certain songs, shared laughs with the audience and engaged with his band as they sipped on Bud Lites throughout the set. The synergy was amazing.

He ended the show with an encore of "Lonely" from his debut album and I was honestly sad that it was over. After the crowd dispersed, he and his band members were nice enough to come out and meet the fans. I made a beeline to the bathroom immediately after the show ended and missed the opportunity to meet Mr. Ayres, but nonetheless, my cup had runneth over. He rocked the house - and that was more than enough for me.

Thanks for reading ✌❤,

Aisle 5 - Atlanta


  1. one of my good friends was raving about him to me over the holidays. she lives in Miami but came all the way here just to try to get tickets to the sold out show! looking him up on soundcloud now... 👀

    1. Gurrrrl, he's the truth!!! Lemme know what you think!