About Me

Hey there!

My name is Laura, but some know me as Lu, which happens to be a shortened version of Lulu - a childhood nickname that never fizzled out.

For the past 26 years, Atlanta has been my home city and I love it - it's progressed beautifully since 93'.

I'm a Talent Acquisition Specialist (fancy word for Recruiter) and I truly enjoy my craft. 

About five years ago, I decided to start blogging - as writing is one of my favorite means of expression. I'm no professional, I wouldn't dare ping myself as a fashionista, tech guru or expert at anything in particular. I simply desire to share my passions and experiences in a meaningful space.

In a world of 140-character limits and disappearing posts, it can be hard to convey who you truly are - which is why True to Lu was created. This is a place where I can be vulnerable, and awkward and creative. This is a place where I can whisper sweet nothings into the blogisphere. This is a place to utter my truth...this is a place to be unapologetically me ;)

Thanks for being here and welcome to my way of looking at the world 


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